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Monday, 28 September 2015

Airtel 2G/3G/4G Free Internet Tricks 2015

If Airtel free 2G/3G/4G Recharge Tricks is something that you are looking for, then you’re at the right place for I’d be telling you the best Airtel Free2G/ 3G/4G Internet Tricks.

Airtel is one of the best mobile network in India with its connectivity and services. Airtel is very fast but at the same time it is expensive too. So here I will tell you tricks working with Airtel Free Internet.
These Airtel tricks are all new and will work in almost all parts of India.
Airtel Free 2G Trick
Here are easy steps for how to use Airtel Free 2G Trick:
  1. Send sms “NET” to 121
  2. Within 1 minute you will receive an message
  3. Reply with 2 (2g offers)
  4. Again you will receive a message with offers list
  5. Reply with 2 (350 2g data for 15 days @ 18rs)
  6. Confirm the offer and enjoy 350 2g data for 15 days @ 18rs in your airtel sim
Airtel Free 3G Trick
Here are easy steps for how to use Airtel Free 3G Trick: Working Airtel TCP VPN Trick 2015:
  1. First download and signup on PD- Proxy
  2. Now install and open pd proxy on your pc
  3. Now go to Settings>>Advanced Settings, then click on parent proxy
  4. Now tick on enable parent proxy and enter below details IP and PORT
  5. Now click on headers and add the below details
And Host:airtellive.com/X-Online-Host:airtellive.com
  1. Now save and go back to pd proxy main page
  2. Then connect pd proxy using any demo server
Here are steps to use VPN for Airtel Free Unlimited 3G Internet 2015:
  • For Android Mobile Users
  1. Download Airtel Free 3g internet latest working vpn configs
  2. Install Open VPN on your mobile phone
  3. Now extract the config files downloaded from here
  4. Now move the extracted config files to OPEN VPN folder
  5. When it asks password refer the readme file
  6. Connect and Enjoy free Airtel 3G internet in high speed on your android phone
  • For PC users
  1. Download airtel free 3g internet latest working vpn configs
  2. Install NMD VPN on your computer
  3. Now move the config files to config folder of NMD VPN installed directory (C:/progrmmae files/nmd VPN/config/your downloaded files)
  4. Connect your Airtel sim to PC with any device
  5. Now connect that device with internet
  6. After that open NMD VPN
  7. Now connect with any VPN and enjoy free 3g internet on Airtel
Airtel Free 4G Trick
Here are easy steps for how to use Airtel Free 4G Trick:
  1. Use this APN:-
  2. Create new Settings
  3. APN-
  4. Proxy:-
  5. Port:- 80
  6. Now open Handler Put
  7. Front query one.airtel.in/~surf.cgi/00/http/
  8. Now you can use airtel 4G for the fullest

I’m sure you are already excited after reading this article about using Airtel free 2G/3G/4G Recharge Tricks. So, what are you waiting for? Go and try it and enjoy your free internet facility.